Staffing Solutions

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The Partnership is to work together and share the responsibilities to reduce costs of business operation, save management time, and to maximize your business profitability and growth. At PLS we do more then just staffing. As your primary staffing vendor we offer testing and training support at no costs and our service is guarantee!

How Does PLS Clients Partnership Work?

The process begins with PLS Recruiters recommending a fully qualified pre-screened candidate suitable to your staffing needs. Our proven approach is to qualify candidates to the following procedures:

  • Interviewing candidates to place them in the best environment as a successful asset to the company’s growth and prosperity.
  • Qualifying candidates based on Workmanship, reliability, attitude, and work ethic.
  • Testing candidates for their strengths and weaknesses according to your management requirements.
  • Train and strengthen candidates technical skills to your specific classification and needs.
  • Check References to study the work history, relationship pattern, and analyze recent hiring or termination information.

Time is Money!

The Cost-saving Benefits of Hiring Personnel Through PLS Staffing Solutions

  • Save on On-site Testing and Training expenses
  • Certified IPC Trainer to support your training needs
  • Save Managements time & the risk of hiring unqualified personnel
  • Training facilities to support your needs
  • Allowing your management to manage day to day business operations

When you staff through the PLS Staffing Solutions you can rest assured that your candidate is fully qualified and are ready to produce results immediately with no downtime!

Your employees are the most important asset!
A fully qualified workforce can increase productivity, improve customer service and maximize return on investment. Smart staffing can save your company time, money and good hiring decisions can play a major role in the success of your company.

PLS is here to help you with all of your long and short term demands.

PLS Partnership Program Specializes in:

IPC-A-610D and J-STD Criteria:

  • Certification / Re-Certification
  • PC Board Assembly
  • Solder/De-solder
  • PC Board Repair/Rework & Touch-Up
  • Solder Cup Soldering
  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly
  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly Box Build
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • PC Board Inspection
  • Terminal Wire Connector
  • Kitting
  • Cable Harness
  • Circuit pad & Component Repair
  • B.O.M/Blue Prints/Drawing


PLS is Licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to operate an Electronics Training Program.