Staffing Solutions

PLS Staffing Solutions provides Temporary, Temp to Hire, Direct (permanent) placement, and Employee Payroll Services.

Your Employees are the most important Asset

A fully qualified workforce can increase productivity, improve customer service and maximize return investment. Smart Staffing can save your company time, money, and good hiring decision can play a major role in the success of your company!

Our Recruiters and Management will work with you every step of the way. We take the time to work collaboratively with your management to understand the challenges and needs of your business operations. We understand that your employees are the most important asset and a vital engine to maintain your daily business operations at the highest profitable level. We recruit fully qualified professional personnel of the highest quality to represent and work for you.

Why should you hire personnel through PLS Staffing Solutions?

The process begins with our technical recruiter recommending qualified pre‐screened candidates suitable for your staffing needs. Our staff will work tirelessly to give you fully qualified personnel who can start to produce results immediately. In the business world, time is essential and it is vital that the customers demand be met.

PLS Model: At the heart of our business operation

  • We understand that if our clients are not profiting from our services then neither are we
  • We place the needs of our customer first in all of our decision making processes.
  • We are committed to providing our customers with a product of the highest quality

Client Partnership Program for EMS Technologies

  • Save Management time and hiring frustration
  • Reduce the risk of hiring and over-paying unqualified personnel
  • Decrease or eliminate on-site testing and training expenses
  • Technical Trainers support
  • Certified Trainers available to support your training needs
  • IPC and J-Standard Certification and Re-certification available